Isengard Unleashed (includes ingame screenshots)

Adam dotlacil side shot

Rendered in MT3

Diorama Promo

Adam dotlacil uruk body

Naked body rendered in 3DO

Adam dotlacil swordsmen

Swordsman rendered in 3DO

Adam dotlacil berserker


Adam dotlacil pikemen


Adam dotlacil captain


Adam dotlacil swordsman


Adam dotlacil crossbowman


Adam dotlacil hair detail

Hair detail

Adam dotlacil full squx

Rendered in MT3

Adam dotlacil crossbowmen

Crossbowman rendered in 3DO

Adam dotlacil pikemen

Pikeman rendered in 3DO

Adam dotlacil captain

Captain rendered in 3DO

Adam dotlacil variance

Uruk-hai variants from within the movie

Adam dotlacil weta reference

Original reference from WETA workshop page

Adam dotlacil 20171002005620 1

Berserkers in action (Ingame)

Adam dotlacil 20171002004059 1

Full army overview (Ingame)

Adam dotlacil 20171002004614 1

Pike wall (Ingame)

Adam dotlacil 20171002003941 1

Berserker variations (Ingame)

Adam dotlacil 20171002004420 1

Swordsmen (Ingame)

Adam dotlacil 20171002004748 1

Pikemen bracing (Ingame)

Diorama demonstrating the brute power of the Uruk-hai army!
Created for the Rise of Mordor mod for Attila
Based on WETA concepts and Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Check out the short video answering the question: What if Gondor came to Rohan's aid?
The body has been made to fit the Attila skeleton, but I tried my best to maintain a Uruk's proportion
The last few images show renders of the assets in neutral lighting in 3DO

Creator's Comment:
This was my first time fully sculpting and texturing a full body. I finally got my hands on Marmoset Toolbag 3 which greatly speed up my workflow due to its intuitive and super fast GPU baker.
I further experimented with hair baking, setting up the hair planes and finally putting together a realistic hair material in MT3.
At the end I decided to play with the animation tools and capabilities of MT3. Video was edited in PremierePro with audio edited in Audition.
cca a month of work.