Totoro Plushie

Adam dotlacil 01

Full character capture

Adam dotlacil 02

Different-coloured fur strands intersection

Adam dotlacil 03

Fur under a rim light & shadow casting

Adam dotlacil 05

Dramatic silhouette highlight


Adam dotlacil technical

Technical breakdown showing custom vertex normals, vertex colours, quad overdraw and shader complexity

Adam dotlacil fur vhm

Fur strands texture ( ID / Opacity / Height )

Adam dotlacil layers

Demonstration of multiple geometry and shader layers.

Based on a Japanese plushie of Totoro. My goal was to experiment with fur creation using standard hair-cards and zBrush's Nanomesh for placement. Character was created with VR in mind so I wanted the quality to hold up even upon closer inspection.
Fur consists of two layers, both had their vertex normals adjusted to mimic the base geo: One follow body's surface and blend between different colours. Second is responsible for the volume itself and has more shade diversity. The fur shader is a standard opaque & masked 2-sided material with tweaked specular, vertex colours, normals etc. Full breakdown of its production can be found on my blog. (link incoming)