Retired Navy Admiral - Art brief submission

Adam dotlacil highresscreenshot00003

3D preview

Adam dotlacil highresscreenshot00002
Adam dotlacil ue vfx

Monocle and pipe VFX inside UE4


Adam dotlacil screenshot002

Navy General Service Medal and Queen's Commendation pin.

Adam dotlacil screenshot001

Mark on finger marks a missing ring

Adam dotlacil screenshot003

Navy themed cufflinks

Adam dotlacil highresscreenshot00001

Unreal Engine shot for comparision

Adam dotlacil screenshot005

Series of Technical renders

Adam dotlacil screenshot006
Adam dotlacil screenshot012
Adam dotlacil screenshot013

Retired Navy Admiral - Art brief submission

Game character created for an Art brief for Strangely Named studio and their upcoming game P.i. , neo-noir murder mystery game set in a retro-futuristic 1940’s Britain, where every character is a potential murderer.
Richard here, is a former Navy admiral in his mid 50, now "enjoying" his life in the upper class. During his service in war he suffered great damage to his body that left his right side burnt. Because of his injury he has to wear a glove, walking stick and monocle with gadgets to improve his damaged vision on eye. In addition he recently lost his long-time partner and a series of flashbacks to war caused him to start smoking.
Model uses 3 2k textures with albedo and normals only. Additionally, the chain has a repetitive 256*128 texture set as well, and then there is another small texture used for the monocle gadget and pipe liquid.