Yammosk - Vong Invaders

Adam dotlacil yammosk preview as

Rendered in MT3

Adam dotlacil technical render

High poly made in Zbrush, Retopo and UV in Maya, Baking in MT3, Texturing in SP

Adam dotlacil progress

Sculpting progress. (Rendered in Keyshot)

Adam dotlacil screenshot015

Head Close-up (MT3)

Animation Reel (using Alamo engine)

Marmoset Viewer

Adam dotlacil uv

UVs - 1set 4k (AO/Base Colour/Normal/Roughness)

Yammosk - Vong Invaders

Yammosk is an alien creature that thanks to its telepathic powers is used as a commander for the Vong army. There is little visual reference that could have been used as concepts so I relied on description and kind of free-sculpted it Zbrush while getting feedback and iterating upon it.
First time doing this kind of pure organic sculpting. I've also used additional detail maps from texturing.XYZ to add some tertiary detail. I've also decided to further experiment with Maya. Before I would have to retopo in Topogun and then unwrap in 3dsMax. However, jumping between software can become tedious and in many ways limiting. So now I do both retopo and UVs in one package which is not only becoming more and more industry standard, but is also faster and more comfortable.
It was also after a long break that I textured using SP Base colour values were baked from the highpoly vertex colours, but material definition and detailing was done in SP
Created for Vong Invaders mod