Empress Suiko - Proof of Concept (Breakdown)

Adam dotlacil 01

Unreal Render

Adam dotlacil 03

Unreal Render

Adam dotlacil 06

Unreal Render

Adam dotlacil 05

Zbrush layers of skin alterations
(Base / Random noise / Asymmetry details / Tertiary details; pores and wrinkles)

Adam dotlacil 09

Subsurface scattering with real-life reference. Rendered in Marmoset 3

Adam dotlacil 08

Roughness map highlight

Adam dotlacil 10

Hair cards textures based on Lithvall's template. Hair strands were created in Zbrush and baked in MT3

Adam dotlacil 2sf2xb

3 different layers of hair; each with different purposes.

Adam dotlacil 11

Technical breakdown of guide splines, wireframe and vertex colours for AO.

Adam dotlacil 04

Normal map and flat albedo textures.

Adam dotlacil desc


Adam dotlacil amidala flow

Hair reference; based on Amidala's Phantom menace pre-senate appearance.

Adam dotlacil screenshot 632

Suiko reference from a documentary about her life directed by Japanese Heritage.

Further expanding my skill as a character artist I decided to investigate professional practices in skin and hair creation. It was designed as a proof of concept. Result of the experiment was satisfying, although there are rooms for improvement, such as wrinkles details, better optimised UV, thinner hair strands, hair painted on the texture itself - transition between the skin and hair, and eyelashes)
Breakdown and further description at the bottom, since the space here is very limited.

Link to Zbrush script:

If there is enough interest, I'll be happy to help to explain the Zbrush - MT3 - Max workflow