Lindworm - The Lays of Althas

Adam dotlacil highresscreenshot00029

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Adam dotlacil sculptfinished 30

Keyshot render of final sculpt

Adam dotlacil technical

Technical Render

Adam dotlacil variants

Colour, horn & gender variants. The horns geometry is a separate mesh and uses the same UV across all variants, but vertex normals had to be manually adjusted to blend with the body mesh.

Adam dotlacil highresscreenshot00028

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Adam dotlacil highresscreenshot00026

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Adam dotlacil highresscreenshot00027

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Adam dotlacil screenshot 742

Custom brushes applied on sculpt

Adam dotlacil unwrapp

UV and Maps used (First slice is Roughness/AO/Mask for skin colour adjustment to blend with fur colour)

Adam dotlacil fur rth m

Fur textures, (Roots/Opacity/Height/UV index mask)

Adam dotlacil horns2

Concept by Amanda Starlein

Created for The Lays of Althas: The Sundering Order, developed by Epoch Games:
Visual concept by Amanda Starlein
First time producing a "realistic" fully organic creature. My workflow was mostly influenced by Javier Blanco and his lizard project. For that purpose I also put together a series of Reptile Skin brushes: artwork/N5ZVob. The surface detail was applied using layers in zbrush for more flexibility.
Next challenge was texturing in SP with the mindset of having a total 7 colour variants. Another variation is done via 3 horn types and 2 gender versions (slight change in tail length, body & facial proportions and horn sizes)
Last step was putting the fur together (custom vertex normals) and having a dynamic UE4 material where the colour of the hair roots blends with the skin by changing albedo info. Due to that both textures sets had to be part of the same material, but each mesh has its separate UV index, hence the mask in the alpha channel of the hair tex