Work In Progress / 19 March 2019

Nagash (WIP - Further Blockout) - Personal Art test


After a great evening gluing some of the parts together I progressed further with my sculpt. During my blockout production I have sculpt a specific amount of layers so that my proper polished sculpt doesn't end up with proportional issues. Because I'm still defining shapes at this point I use Dynamesh. However, that tends to "blur" the initial geometry (Even with the Blur setting set to 0) and with every Dynamesh reset I lose more and more detail. Granted it's only a blockout, but I would still like to maintain the information, because in some cases it smooths the geometry to such extend that I have to guess or look at my reference again just to be certain what kind of shape was supposed to be there.

So I played around with the DynaMesh setting and turned the Project option on and decreased SubProjection down to 0. That way the newly created geometry really maintains its previous iteration. Actually topology is is being kept so instead of reconstructing the entire mesh it rebuilds only the parts that actually changed. This method maintains pretty much 100% of the detail before dynameshing.  

- Blockout

Further information has been added to the crown and lower limbs. Proportions on the hat are still a bit off as the top needs to be skewed a bit. The legs were particularly tricky as I had to maintain the correct amount of layers and the distance between them as well as the overall proportions .