General / 11 April 2019

Nagash (WIP - Placing spine and bigger details) - Personal Art test


After a break made further progress on blocking out the final parts of Nagash's body. Part of that meant creating a placing the spine structure on his back. I did a quick mesh blockout of a single vertebra, created an Insert Mesh Brush, turned Curve mode on, played around with Depth and Curve Step until I was happy with the result. ( Depth adjustment affects the actual pivot of each vertebra, so that when they rotate or curve on a surface they do so in a realistic way. Curve Step then adjust the spacing of each Insert Mesh).

Once those values were finalised I figured out that after placing the spine, there is little I can do in terms of retopology. Automatic one (zRemesher) is far from acceptable and  manual would take ages. And so I decided to quickly retopologise my initial vertebra model, unwrapp it, apply a couple of subdivs to it and Project geometrical information from the original mesh. Once placed I can Reconstruct Subdivision levels and get my game-ready and UVed mesh!

Last step was to prepare a placement surface. Working with curves in Zbrush can be sometimes - tricky. So in order to make my experience much less painful I created a series of placement meshes so that the curve I draw follows the surface and I have to do little to no further curve adjustment.

- Blockout

Nagash's gear features a lot of curved and layered shapes and so I spent extra time making sure the proportions are correct. I used my original skull model to create a simple Insert Mesh Brush to help me with blocking out some of the detail. I've also adjusted the crown proportions.
At this stage the blockout is pretty much done. Next step is creating his cloak and robe in MD.