Work In Progress / 14 March 2019

Nagash (WIP - Introduction & Blockout) - Personal Art test


After talking to a couple of artists from Creative Assembly I've decided to do a personal art test and try to match the quality of characters from TW: Warhammer. I've chosen Tom Parker as my main point of reference in terms of quality and artstyle. Despite not playing a lot Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, I enjoy playing the Total War franchise a lot and CA's take on this IP leaves little to be desired. I especially love the Tomb Kings addition so when I was looking for a unit to challenge my skills I knew I wanted to create an undead lord. I'm uncertain whether I should fully stick to the design or if I should try to introduce a bit of the ancient Egyptian flavour like they did in the game.


Games Workshop website offers a great spectrum of image to work from. However, this model is fairly complex and consists of multiple layers. I also found official manuals and video tutorials on how to build this model. But in the end I decided to pop over to my local Warhammer store, have a look at the unit on display and actually buy it and assembly it. As far as I remember one of the artist at CA mentioned that during the production of TW: Warhammer the bought a bunch figures, put and painted them together. This offers nearly the ultimate reference, but I'm also looking forward to the assembly. 



- Blockout

I'll be doing a High-to-Low poly workflow, so I started in Zbrush. In order to get the initial proportions right I used an anatomically correct skeleton, since the character is mostly skin and bones anyway. Some adjustments needed to be done, but it speed up the blocking-out process greatly.

Next step was to put "skin" on his bones. I used zspheres to get the volume in, dynameshed it, stored a morph target and used the subtool's projection tool to get the geometrical information from my skeleton. Then using a combination of the morph and smooth brush I achieved the result of a very skinny body. (I mostly focused on the body and head, since the limbs will be covered in in armour)

After that I really benefited from having the actual model at hand, because I started to blockout the gear as well as refining the body definition:  

That's all for now! I'm really forward towards this challenge and I'll do my best to do it justice.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.